Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Since we opened our doors in Shelbyville, TN, we have been offering screen printing! If you are looking for a local screen printer in Shelbyville, then look no further! From small order to large orders, we will deliver!

What is Screen Printing?

Basically, it is the process of using a stencil to apply ink onto another material whether it be t-shirts, posters, stickers, vinyl, wood, or any material that can keep the image onto its surface.

Benefits of Screen Printing

1) Economical: When it comes to creating many copies - When you have to make copies in a wholesale quantity, screen printing is the right option.
2) Quicker process - Screen printing is a quick process as compared to other methods of advertising.
3) Larger Designs - When it comes to larger designs, screen printing is the ideal choice. You can choose to be more creative and resourceful when it comes to selecting the screen panel's size.
4) Wide range of utility - Screen printing can be used effectively for a variety of things. Screen printing is used for printing designs on clothes, fabrics and garments.
5) Sturdy and Tough - Screen prints are tough and sturdy. In spite of exposing the screen printed fabrics to harsh conditions, the colors do not appear weary and dull.

Why Screen Printing

  • Screen inks are brighter and more opaque than those used in other printing processes
  • Screen printed inks are the most durable and lightfast available
  • Screen inks are available to adhere to a wide range of materials
  • Compared to other printing technologies, screenprinting is more economical
  • Because of the simplicity of the process, it is easily adaptable to a wide range of uses and applications
  • Screen printing is not as restricted by size of print, length of production run, or thickness or type of printable material as other printing processes


Contact Us now for all of your screen printing needs. We offer screen printing not only in Shelbyville, but throughout the state of Tennessee. Please contact us for a free quote on all of your screen printing needs.


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